Where the word of a king is there is Power! That kind of power is called Ase- The ability to say it, and have it come to pass. The characteristic that makes kings kings. The ability to say it and have it unquestioned and uncontested. The seal that guarantees you the last word. Ase! Come slug it out and let your authority be established. It is the authority of the rain that gives the sun its shine. Your tongue will not get to the bottom of your source of words. Ase!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

You are almost there

Hello Friend,

If you came here looking for Adeolu Akinyemi's site, you are almost there, this used to be it, it is now here www.deoluakinyemi.com , you can get great information that can help you develop yourself, your company and in fact, others.

If you have also had about Nigeria's number one site, it's also here at www.deoluakineymi.com/categoryjob-blog , see, i'm passionate about your success, and can't bear to have this all you see. I came back here again today after I got some comments from here, to let you know, that this is not all there is.

Thanks for coming and coming again...

Wishing you all the best in life.


Adeolu Akinyemi


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