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Monday, April 24, 2006

Unemployed? Unhappy with Your Job? Not Sure About Career Growth?

Unemployed? Unhappy with Your Job? Not Sure About Career Growth?
If any (or all) of those three describe what you are experiencing at the moment, then there’s still one more question. Otherwise, you might as well stop reading this…
And the question is: are you ready for change? Will you be willing to trade your present position for a 180-degree turnaround to a better life? We could have suggested 360 degrees (as is often said) but this is not some form of motivational cliche! And by the way, if you turn around 360 degrees, you will be back to where you were before you started in the first place. So, what is your response to the question? If your answer is YES! and you are ready for the journey (yes, its a journey that begins on a special day) then you will be spending your Workers’ Day in a different way this year…
How would you like to be gainfully engaged in less than 7 days? No kidding, this is real, your life can be better than it is today! The idea… Attend a FREE seminar and change your fate and fortune forever! Two young men will lift the lid on what has been working for them, so others can learn and start or re-energise for the journey.
How will this work? More information will be provided shortly (from April 25)… Watch Out! Where? http://www.deoluakinyemi.com/, http://www.gbengasesan.com/ and Nigerian dailies… And one more thing, if you won’t be in Nigeria on that day, or this does not apply to you, please forward this to someone who will remain eternally grateful!

Sgd: Adeolu Akinyemi (http://www.deoluakinyemi.com/) & ‘Gbenga Sesan (www.gbengasesan.com)


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