Where the word of a king is there is Power! That kind of power is called Ase- The ability to say it, and have it come to pass. The characteristic that makes kings kings. The ability to say it and have it unquestioned and uncontested. The seal that guarantees you the last word. Ase! Come slug it out and let your authority be established. It is the authority of the rain that gives the sun its shine. Your tongue will not get to the bottom of your source of words. Ase!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Back Online...

After one week of my internet connectivity misbehaving, I’m finally back! Now I can give the time and attention this deserves.

I stopped on my talk about wealth creation. I think this is a very interesting topic. Considering that here in Africa we have a lot to be desired. Poverty is so real around here that it requires extra effort to operate outside of a poverty mindset.

The first thing a poor man needs to change, is his thinking. We are a product of our thoughts, our lives move in the direction of that which we meditate on consistently. A poor man percieves resources as limited, he thinks in terms of scarcity and invariably feels that if the other man has, it must mean one less for him. This poverty thinking patterns are so apparent in African homes that rather than eat a good meal today, many families prefer to save a good part of it till tomorrow. Not seeing what is available, we settle for what we percieve remains. Poverty first needs to be a state of mind before it can perpertrate itself.

In the quest to acquire wealth and live lives of influence, the key things that must change in us is not our age, resources, boundaries of existence or climate. The things that must change in us are things that we can control. We need to change our ASK’s; Attitudes, Skills and knowledge.

Wealth creation is like the story of the man who boasted to his villagers that he could walk on waters. He fixed a date and challenged the entire village to come watch him perform and extraordinary miracle. To their greatest suprise, rather than be the mock victim of the day, he became a rising star. He actually worked on water. On being asked by the press what exactly he had to say, he answered, everybody can do what I did. The whole town looked so shocked he had to explain quickly…everybody can walk on water, if they knew where the stones were. These stones are principles! If you know the principles of wealth creation, you can do it!!

There are principles for getting wealth… they are embedded in ASK- Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge,

Am I glad to be back??? Certainly!!


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