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Saturday, March 25, 2006

There is More Available

It's almost 3am in the morning...I'm not suffering from insomnia, believe me. I'm on my bed, my wife fast fast asleep beside me, my growing girl not too far from me. The fan is slowing down, and it seems PHCN (Power Holding Company Nigeria or Like they say, Problem Has Changed Names) might do their bid again tonight...I silently muster "Lord please help". But what keeps me awake??

It's the ancients that said that if you see an elder running franctically at night, it is either he is hot on the pursuit of something, or something is gaining on him. Nothing abnormal just happens, the fault is that of the farmer, the pestle does not pound the motar for no reason. I am doubtless motivated by the picture of the future that I see, at times many that view might wonder, what is after him, or what is he after. My motivation comes from a strong awareness, that there is more available. That which we desire is ahead, we have to move towards it!

I'm a firm believer in the fact that the earth was made as man, that there is an omni-intelligent, powerful and knowledgeable God in the universe who is the creator. I know that he made all that man needed ahead of him. That when man had the first hunger pang in history, that which he would eat was available. I believe that a mans appetite is proof that a banquet exists, I believe that our desires for more, better, best for ourselves, our communities, our societies and nations is born our of the availability of those desires.

This week of census, designed to be a week of rest has nevertheless been an activity packed on for me. I launched the holiday by organizing a full day sales training for a group of talented ladies and gentlemen. It was an interesting experience for me as it was for them. I literally watched their skills improve and listened with excitement when I heard that rehearsing was almost the first thing the next morning. Adding value is such fun. In fact, I'm beginning to get an interesting idea of running probono sales training for as many graduates as are interested. If you can sell, you might not be so desperate for just any job.

The last 3 days as well have been spent resting/reading in the day and working at night. I have been getting home as late as quarter to 12am. What was I doing?? While I'm not at liberty to declare it all now, I can assure you that it was all legitimate business, no vices no ills.

I'm so busy these days even I don't fully understand it, but the more I look, the more I see, opportunities are scattered all around, with insufficient people to make the most of them. It's available, your dream is available, there is more available. Our limitations are the ones that we set for ourselves, if you think you are there, it's because you closed your eyes, there is more available.

If anybody ever tells you it is not possible to do 4 jobs at a time in Nigeria, send them to me.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's true,Mr. Deolu.There are plenty opportunities out here in this blessed counrty of ours.i really hope you get this and get back to me.am one of those people who knows that one can do more than 2jobs a time and do it exceedingly well.i have an 8-5,mon-fri job but i still want to try other thing(legitimate)during the weekends and after working hours like 7pm.plssssss,contact me at meeandem@yahoo.com.cos i know for me the sky is the beginning with God on my side.Remain Blessed Sir.

January 24, 2007 12:21 PM


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