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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Talk @ Harvest International Church

Today is one of those days this year that I come back home with a feeling of deep satisfaction. I have again spent my time doing one of the things that I love doing -Adding value to lives in the quest of people development.

From the moment I grabbed the mic and started my first story till the end, it was great! I could hear people standing to clap, people shouting, people laughing, I could hear them listening and I watched them learn. I got their response, It was a good feeling.

I was there to speak to them about climbing the corporate ladder. It was a good event. I could see from the eyes of the people that they were blessed. I spoke about having a vision of what you'll love to end up doing with your life, ensuring that your ladder is leaning against the right wall before spending energy to climb. I also spoke about planning and how they can ensure that they have a plan that works. One of the sad things about our existence in this side of the world is that we take planning for granted. Our desires for fruits for example requires no planning, at one point or the other one fruit or the other will be available. I spoke at lenght about the need for planning and how to plan. Houses are not built on rough sketches, they are built on plans that cost 10% of the cost of the house.

I later went on to talk about preparation and persistence. The details of these topics will come on this blog in some more days to come.

I typically would spend another 1-2hrs chatting with people and taking their questions one on one, but this was not possible today...guess I can't have it that way always ;-)

The high points of the day?? One of my mentors was around to hear me speak, and he was really impressed. In fact we spent the entire journey back with him sharing experiences that corroborated my views. We had spent the previous night sharing information and thoughts about my crossroads ;-) He seemed to agree with me thought, that nothing risked nothing gained. He supports my move, only I needed to do some homework.

He shared a little more about his business, how he started is millions of dollars business with less than $10. He shared with me some truths about integrity, how he gets credit worth hundersds of thousands of dollars equivallent that he makes about 10% on within a month. In other words, his longstanding integrity gives him the opportunity to earn a lot more than most executives without even spending any of his own money. We also spoke at lenght about his getting into consulting and what I could do to help open up that aspect of business, not for the money really, but for the fun of it ;-)

Between yesterday night and tonight, I learnt a lot, sowed a lot, and hope for a lotin the next coming days. What will happen with the consulting idea, what will I do about my crossroads, when will I post the details of my talk?...Stay tuned!!


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