Where the word of a king is there is Power! That kind of power is called Ase- The ability to say it, and have it come to pass. The characteristic that makes kings kings. The ability to say it and have it unquestioned and uncontested. The seal that guarantees you the last word. Ase! Come slug it out and let your authority be established. It is the authority of the rain that gives the sun its shine. Your tongue will not get to the bottom of your source of words. Ase!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Obedience First, 1st January, 2006

How do you teach a child?
Or an infant to be mild?
How do you teach a toddler to walk?
Or a baby to talk?

The work of a teacher is not an easy task.
Wisdom to know the right arrangement of class.
Patience to talk without confirmation of being heard.
Kindness to continue without getting hard.

Before the egg becomes a cock it cracks
The seed that becomes the corn first dies
Before the gate of understanding there is a track
The word that’s understood gets to tie

Before the mind can learn to understand
The heart must first learn to obey
Nothing is transferred without a gradient
A teacher is that, because the student obeys

The gateway to the mind of a student is obedience
Once the youngster learns to obey he can learn the world
The degree of obedience determines the depth of learning
Obedience creates the gradient along which love and knowledge flows.

Thots… Adeolu Akinyemi


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