Where the word of a king is there is Power! That kind of power is called Ase- The ability to say it, and have it come to pass. The characteristic that makes kings kings. The ability to say it and have it unquestioned and uncontested. The seal that guarantees you the last word. Ase! Come slug it out and let your authority be established. It is the authority of the rain that gives the sun its shine. Your tongue will not get to the bottom of your source of words. Ase!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Moving Sites...Public Notice;-)

This is to inform you that while I intend to maintain this blogsite, I have decided to relocate to a more spacious, beach facing, state of the art blog space at www.deoluakinyemi.com. So in case you don't find this place as up to date as you'll love to find it, just click on the link. There are other interesting things there as well...such as...click to find out... www.deoluakinyemi.com


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