Where the word of a king is there is Power! That kind of power is called Ase- The ability to say it, and have it come to pass. The characteristic that makes kings kings. The ability to say it and have it unquestioned and uncontested. The seal that guarantees you the last word. Ase! Come slug it out and let your authority be established. It is the authority of the rain that gives the sun its shine. Your tongue will not get to the bottom of your source of words. Ase!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Hmmm... I never seem to be out of dull moments. Every object has unlimited views, you can turn 360 degrees around it from 360 different angles, and even those angles can still be divided by as much as you want. If you don't understand it, it's because I didn't explain it clearly enough, even you can have your veiws about that ;-)

Striking and interesting it is though, that the same events extract different responses from us all. The same event that makes the farmer cry is the same one that ushers laughter out of the guinea fowl. Fat and beef being cooked in the same pot react differently.

Take a snap shot of Nigeria at the moment. Just freeze the country in your mind and what do you see? Figuratively, Nigeria could be that giant pot where Nigerians are the foundational ingredients. While many feel the heat and want to pop out of the pot into wherever, other ingredients are being added and enjoying the splendor. While some would rather not stay, some cannot stand the thought of leaving. Prevailing situations make some stay while others in their own volition, by and by the combination gets done, the resulting aroma is sweet and it's a delight to all who know what is good! I dare not say I know of certainty how much of a pressure cooker the nation is, how heated it's furnace or how stoney it's ingredients, but I'm sure that with some ingredients i have seen and their passion for making it work...it's just a matter of time!

Don't mind me, my passion for Nigeria atimes get's over bearing, but more to the issue on ground-Crossroads!

Have you every felt your heart and your head dissagree to a decision? Has the voice of your logic ever been doused by the tears of your emotion? Has your heart every aspired while your soul endlessly pondered? If you have, then you probably are on the same page with me. Sometimes when your heart longs for something it gets presented to you. Your brain tries without luck to comprehend it and slows down your pace. You want to go, yet you want to stay. It's a crossroad, all the roads have only similarity in common, they end in various destinations. There is no backward way forward, no forward way backward. I'm there at the moment, with all the mixed feelings that go with it. I'll keep it philosophical until it makes sense to divulge it. Then you'll have a worldclass story. Ase!


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